Chiho Harazaki was born and raised in the countryside of Japan. She spent every summer of her childhood with her sculptor uncle at his studio in the mountains. His lifestyle and his thoughts about art were a big influence on her.

After she moved to the US,  spending time with people from so many different cultures and backgrounds helped her to realize that there are many different ways to approach our lives and to view the world. Since discovering tape art in college, Harazaki has been fascinated by using various kinds of adhesive tape for her art. Tiny pieces of tape, cut by precision knife and scissors, create each detail used to compose a whole picture. The hand-cut shapes and lines are reminiscent of traditional Japanese arts like woodcut and paper cutting. Informed by her experiences living in both Japan and America, Harazaki's subject matter includes a variety of cultural, historical, and narrative elements as well as social comment.

​"The refuse of tape: tiny, useless, leftover scraps; can become perfect components of an artwork. I found the beauty of imperfection in tape art."

                                                          - Chiho Harazaki

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